Lunch Bento Box Special

Amazing Lunch Box is Back, Just $5.75

sample of Bento box.

$5.75 Covers one item your choice, miso soup, house green salad and bowl of rice.

You can choose one item from selection of below 16 items.

  1. Shrimp Tempura
  2. Vegetable Tempura
  3. Chicken Tempura
  4. Fish Tempura
  5. Tofu Tempura
  6. Crab stick Tempura
  7. Chicken Teriyaki
  8. Beef Teriyaki
  9. Salmon Teriyaki
  10. B.B.Q Pork(Spicy)
  11. California Roll (8pcs)
  12. Spicy Tuna Roll (8pcs)
  13. Spicy Yellowtail Roll (8pcs)
  14. Tuna Sashimi ( 3pcs)
  15. Samon Sashimi (3pcs)
  16. Red snapper Sashimi (3pcs)

If you still need more food? No problem. We offer $9.50 for Two items of your choice.